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I got my first degree, a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State. This was in the "stone age" of design.  Pre-computer. I was lucky and persistent enough to land my first job out of college at BET Black Entertainment Television. This led to my first career in television graphic design. Which turned in the next 10 years of doing postproduction for a variety of companies. Then I landed my dream job The Discovery Channel where I spent the next 5 years of my life. Then the unthinkable, a 2500 person layoff and I was on the street. I was on the street with no usable mac skills, remember graduated pre-computer age and went right into television graphics where they were using million dollar computer systems. I then, a few years later, decided to take back control of my life and go back to school at South Hills School of Business and Technology. The cloud is now my friend. Now a recent graduate I am fully equipped with both print and television design experience!

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